The Teams of Volant Boot Kamp

Hier beginnt die Leidenschaft


Team Grün


Ma. Janice G. Alferez

24 years old

October 17, 1996

Oriental Mindoro


An independent, self-driven, and person who constantly thrives on setting goals for myself. My added experience as a Manager for a known fast-food company in the Middle East had given me a positive mindset and a greater personality. I love traveling—for I learn to appreciate life more and to be always grateful and respectful as I meet new people from different shapes and cultures.

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Team Blau

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Team Rot


Maria Ann Colline Alinas

22 Years Old
October 6, 1998
Paranaque City

“I’m comfortable adjusting to any situation and don’t get flustered easily when faced with unexpected challenges. I took BS-HRM Hospitality and now seeking opportunity to Germany for work and to continue further my studies.”

Miguel Angelo Bacosa

25 Years Old
December 13, 1995
Bacoor, Cavite

“I grew up in the world's most beautiful island, Palawan, which I believe contributed to me being an environmental conscious, a nature loving, and an adventure seeking person. I'm a Biology graduate with more than 5 years of work experience as a Food Safety Specialist in different five-star hotels in Metro Manila. I always wanted to be a well-rounded person and so I exposed myself to different fields such as Science, Hospitality Industry, and arts where my love for singing and acting fostered.

John Borja

24 Years Old
January 10, 1996
Talisay City, Cebu

Committed to self-development and continuous learning to achieve full potential in both personal and professional life, I am seen as a subject matter expert with solid experience in the field of workforce management. I am also an experienced publishing consultant in which I have strategically assisted a significant number of global clients.

Over the years, I’ve developed intensive knowledge and skills along with excellent communication skills that are essential to my future endeavor as a healthcare provider.

Danielle Buencuchillo

20 Years Old
December 13, 1999
Negros Occidental

“I worked as a medical responder for 2 years and a real estate agent for 2 years as well. An active Airforce Reservist for a year and the eldest among my siblings.”


Alvin Canonizado

21 Years Old
January 29, 1999
Tarclac City

“A degree holder in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Vikings, former Assistant Manager at Vikings Restaurant which helped me to improve my management skills.”

Patrick Jason Fornilos

24 Years Old
October 30, 1995
Consolacion Cebu

“Cooking is my passion! I enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I am able to freely express my creativity through cooking. Someday soon I will be able to explore more dishes around the world. And hopefully, I might be able to open my own restaurant and be known in the Food Industry.”

Cindy Gloria

30 Years Old
August 5, 1990
Tacloban City

“I am a bachelor’s degree holder in Medical Laboratory Science with 2 years Medtech Experience in a private hospital and 3 years Medtech in Saudi Arabia. I am a person who loves to cook and explore new taste in different places that I can innovate and share with my family and friends.”

Christielle Mae Geri Guinalon

19 Years Old
September 13, 2001
Bacolod City

“I’m a senior high school graduate with honors.


Marlien Concepcion Miano

22 Years Old
December 8, 1997
Sta. Cruz, Manila

“As a young motivated individual, I have a wide range of interests that helps me to improve my strengths and skills. From the love of arts to writing, Photography and Painting and to anything that stirs up my creativity. I enjoy engaging and observing people as it gives me a wider perspective and bigger understanding of life.”

Emilyn Olivera

18 Years Old
September 16, 2002
Las Pinas City

“I am Emilyn Olivera, an 18-year-old Senior Highschool graduate. I graduated from Southville International School affiliated with foreign universities and took the Hospitality Management course. During my Senoir Highschool, I had my training in our Bistro-Bistro Lima. The roles that I trained are Maitre'd, Commis De Range, and Bartender. My hobbies and passion are cooking and baking.”

Angelica Orquez

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Jekka Louie Rizado

27 Years Old
August 18, 1997

“Hello! I'm Jekka Louie. You can call me "Jekka or Jeks". I stand 5'4. I am kind and hate to hurt others. I am loud and outspoken around friends to the point wgere I think they find me annoying, but I'm also incredibly shy and an unlikely to talk to people unless they come to me first. I love flowers. I love being outside because I love taking pictures.”

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John Vincent Sande

24 Years Old
April 24, 1996
Balamban, Cebu

“My name is John, and I'm a mechanical engineering graduate from University of San Jose-Recoletos. I'm very passionate about learning and experiencing different approaches of life. I enjoy writing poems, trekking up the mountains, and just exploring places of various cultures in general. I always look forward to what's coming and hopefully this time, my staring point will be in Deutschland.”

Efraim Zapanta

28 Years Old
September 9, 1992
Bonbon, Clarin Bohol

“I am a graduate of Mechanical Technology, with experience in the customer service industry as a waiter, encoder and as a machine operator for almost a decade.  As a young individual, I am flexible to expedite whatever task that will be delegated to me with a positive attitude to my work as I am an achiever and a goal-oriented person.”

Paulla Marie Escultos

33 Years Old
May 30, 1987
Makati City

“A career driven person who works with less supervision in any industry I’ve worked with for a decade from Business Development Manager to Accounting Manager. As I work most of the time, I use my free time by cooking and enjoying the company of my family and friends.”

John Francis Lu

35 Years Old
November 24, 1984
Batangas City

“An engineering graduate from TUP Manila and a person who express himself with arts through tattoos. I was able to work with EY GDS that gave me opportunity to go to Melbourne, Australia when I was awarded as one of the best employees of the company. My experience in Australia is one of the best happenings in my life and from this experience, this became my inspiration in life to give my wife and my two kids a better future.”


Analie Abne

22 Years Old
November 24, 1997
Paranaque City

“I’m a young individual who worked as a Sales Lady in Gaisano Grand Mall to support my family at an early age. A high school graduate from the province of Gutalac Zamboanga del Norte. I’m a bubbly person who can easily get along with others and can work with less supervision.”


Team Gelb


Meryl Anne Aloro

27 Years Old
Negros Occidental

“I’m Meryl, a goal-oriented person with a degree in Physical Therapy. With various experiences of patient care and customer relations. A definite characteristic of mine is my sincerity and passion for people around me. With that as an inspiration to strive my way through life’s rollercoaster ride. Still got a long way to go, but I’m sure that I will be able to fly with my wings soaring high.”

Jan Sanvictores

30 Years Old
Taytay, Rizal
January 13, 1990

“An individual who's committed to patient advocacy and willing to serve without hesitation. Someone who has a pure dedication to work and always prepared to any tasks given. Willing to take responsibility with integrity and provide leadership skills when needed. 

Glendale Cabanillas

29 Years Old
December 13, 1990
Lahug, Cebu City

“For more than half a decade of work experiences as an Accountant and Procurement Analyst, I've developed intensive knowledge and skills that are functional to my future endeavor as a nurse. I am an analytical, independent, hardworking, highly driven and detail-oriented individual who is very much willing to learn and engage in any comprehensive program.”

Kim Kristie Canque

29 Years Old
November 30, 1990
Toledo City, Cebu

“With 4 years of teaching young generation and moulding professional individuals. I’m Kim, 29 years old. A Licensed Nurse and a Licensed Teacher in the Philippines. Both professions have common denominator which describes me most; Caring and Guiding. Caring the physical-wounded person and guiding broken-goal of students. I honed my self from worldwide work experiences from customer service, teacher-student interaction and patient care. I am equipped with the qualifications to my chosen work-carrier. Driven by compassion to excel and a team player that encourages everyone to be outstanding.


Cj Denise Ciocon

20 Years Old
August 13, 2000

“Everyone wants to shine bright like a Diamond, but no one wants to get cut. Like a Diamond, I am being formed under pressure and it is a long process but nevertheless I am proud of how hard I tried and pursued this year. How I conquered my fears and that I am still growing, glowing and in the process of everything. How I chose to love and appreciate myself more. I celebrate my achievements even if it looks different from everyone else.”

Marie Luz Cruz

27 Years Old
November 6, 1992

“I'm Marie Luz, 27, I'm a great communicator which I learned from my 2 years of experience handling and teaching kids internationally through online classes. Aside from teaching, I was once a customer service agent which dealt with concerns from Americans and that experienced taught me a lot from being patient, disciplined, goal oriented and flexible. I could say that my experiences in dealing with diverse nationalities has taught me to be well-verse, culturally sensitive and empathetic.

Eileen Jean Hinojas

23 Years Old
November 10, 1996
Bacolod City

“Graduated with the degree of Medical Technology. Licensed to save lives and the world one syringe/swab at a time. With experiences from the Philippines’ leading Pharmaceutical Lab and one of the country’s promising hospitals. I’m Ika, a woman who puts all her heart into something she’s passionate about. Ready for more moments of bliss and success. Surely, I’m still growing but definitely soon I’ll be glowing.

Marcus Ernesto Hinojas

19 Years Old
May 04, 2001
Bacolod City

“Kicking my way through life. Literally! I’m the guy who likes to achieve things with hard work and dedication. With 150 medals from national and international Taekwondo competitions for 15 years, I can assure you I won’t give up on any task that quick. Always open for better opportunities, whatever it maybe. Strive and succeed, as they say!”

Rhona Jane Jaramillo

32 Years Old
September 22, 1988
Kalilangan, Bukidnon

“I'm a simple believer whos fighting for my success. Success for me means reaching my goals, conquering obstacles, creating a positive mental state, clearing my mind of self-doubt, embrace challenges, staying on track in reaching my goals and show the world what I can do. Im Rhon a fighter with a big heart at your service!

Diorelyn Jose

26 Years Old
Augus 18, 1994
Consolacion, Cebu

“I am a goal-driven individual who wants to obtain competency in an environment that will enable me to befit professionally and give comfort and care to my future patients.”

Patricia Gayle Leonardo

25 Years Old
January 7, 1995
Talisay City, Cebu

“A driven and goal-oriented person with a degree in Psychology with relevant work experience in providing professional and efficient individualized customer service. Dedicated to delivering the best-in-class client service. Adaptable and flexible to the demands of changing work conditions and as well as different client personalities.”

Kevin Rich Momongan

24 Years Old
January 16, 1996
Consolacion, Cebu

“A professional who sets goals bigger than himself and pushed his limits. A humble entity who had compassion, humility, openness for new knowledge and embraces wisdom. As it was said " Fight, fight good and win it!"


Bryan William Oposa

20 Years Old

20 Years Old
August 17, 2000

Surigao Del Norte

“I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set big goals for myself. I’m not comfortable with settling, and I’m always looking for bigger opportunities to do better and achieve greatness. I take pride with my strong culinary skills and a passion for baking while creating unique goods for consumers.”

Chrislor Joie Parejado

20 Years Old
April 19, 2000
Negros Occidental

“I volunteered to organizations that gives service to the people and take action to environmental crisis. Many of the things I’ve learned from there, led me to develop much deeper love for humanity and nature. I see myself growing in serving the people to the extent that I want to help each individual to develop holistic growth. On the other hand, I have a great interest in studying health sciences. In fact, I read novels with medical thriller genre and my brain gets giggles to scientific breakthroughs

Chary Faith Sanchez

21 Years Old

June 24, 1999

Agusan Del Norte


“If we look at individuals as humans of irreplaceable value, their health becomes our utmost priority.  To be blessed with a chance to be part of a group that strives to be good stewards of life is, for me, one of the greatest opportunities I can find in a lifetime; most especially when I am able to help people get through a crisis. Nursing is never an easy job; however, I don’t consider it as one. Nursing for me is more of a passion rather than a living. It is my absolute goal in life— to care.